Hereinafter are listed the most relevant publications done in the frame of the Commercial Service Activities.

AALECS Publications

Coordinates 2014; I. Fernández et al; "The Galileo Commercial Service: Current Status and Prospects" HTML-icon
ION GNSS+ 2014, I. Rodríguez et al; "Preparing for the Galileo Commercial Service – Proof of Concept and Demonstrator Development" pdf-icon
ION GNSS+ 2014, D. Calle et al; "Galileo Commercial Service from the Early Definition to the Early Proof-Of-Concept" pdf-icon
ION GNSS+ 2014, I. Fernández et al; "Design Drivers, Solutions and Robustness Assessment of Navigation Message Authentication for the Galileo Open Service" pdf-icon
Navitec 2014, E. Carbonell et al; "Galileo Commercial Service Demonstrator – Signal in Space Proof-of-Concept" pdf-icon
ION GNSS+ 2015, P. Walker et al; "Galileo Open Service Authentication: A Complete Service Design and Provision Analysis" pdf-icon
Inside GNSS 2015, I. Fernández et al; "Galileo’s Commercial Service Testing GNSS High Accuracy and Authentication" pdf-icon
ION Journal, I. Fernández et al; "A Navigation Message Authentication Proposal for the Galileo Open Service" pdf-icon
ION GNSS+ 2016, D. Calle et al; "First Experimentation Results with the Full Galileo CS Demonstrator" pdf-icon
ION GNSS+ 2016, E. Göhler et al; "A Galileo E6-B/C Receiver: Signals, Prototype, Tests and Performance" pdf-icon
Navitec 2016, S. Cancela et al; "Galileo commercial service demonstrator capabilities and first experimentation results" pdf-icon