AALECS project in ION GNSS+ 2016

ion 2016

During ION GNSS+ 2016 the AALECS team presented some publications with the first results obtained during experimentation with the Full Galileo CS DEMO and information about the Galileo E6-B/C receivers.

In “First Experimentation Results with the Full Galileo CS Demonstrator” by D. Calle et al; a description of the first High Accuracy experimentation tests performed with the Advanced Replay Mode corresponding to the second stage of the experimentation campaign is given. The paper also provides some elements on the next steps for the CS Demonstrator and plans for future CS operational provision.

“A Galileo E6-B/C Receiver: Signals, Prototype, Tests and Performance” by E. Göhler et al; presents  a comprehensive description of the E6-B/C signal frequencies, power, modulation, primary and secondary codes, data coding scheme and message structure. It describes too the Galileo E6-B/C receiver prototype, based on IFEN’s NTR receiver and presents the test campaign carried out by IFEN GmbH. This part presents an overview of the test scenarios, which included both simulated and real data testing, in static and dynamic (urban, suburban) scenarios. Finally, the paper addresses the test results obtained with the CS receiver prototype.